Jan. 12, 2007 — Ladies who aren’t overweight but still have a high rate of body fat may have more aggravation in their bodies, an Italian study shows.

Researchers looked at 60 healthy Italian women aged 20-35 living in Rome.

Twenty of the women were overweight or stout based on their BMI (body mass index), which relates height to weight.

Another 20 had a normal BMI, but their body fat was more noteworthy than 30%, based on head-to-toe body looks using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA).

The researchers call these ladies “normal-weight obese” since of their tall percentage of fat.

The remaining 20 women had a normal BMI and body fat less than 30%, based on the DEXA scans.

Measuring Inflammation

When analysts analyzed blood samples from the ladies, they found those who were overweight or stout had the highest levels of provocative chemicals, LDL (“awful”) cholesterol, and triglycerides (a sort of blood fat).

But the “normal-weight stout” women also had higher levels of fiery chemicals than those with both a ordinary BMI and lower body fat.

Based on the discoveries, the normal-weight ladies with high body fat “were in an early fiery state,” the analysts write.

Body fat may discharge fiery chemicals, note researchers Antonino De Lorenzo, MD, and colleagues, who didn’t test that hypothesis in this consider. De Lorenzo works at Rome’s University of Tor Vergata.

Chronically tall levels of inflammation have been related with a host of wellbeing problems, including heart illness and joint pain.

Both bunches of ladies with typical BMI had comparative levels of cholesterol and other blood fats, notwithstanding of their body fat.

All the women had typical blood weight. None had heart infection and none smoked, mishandled liquor, or used birth control pills.

Study’s Limits

The women weren’t taken after over time, so it’s not clear in the event that they had health issues afterward in life.

The data too don’t incorporate the women’s diet and exercise propensities, or whether hereditary qualities influenced their sum of body fat.

But the study does show that a few women with typical BMI may still have a tall rate of body fat and elevated levels of incendiary chemicals.

It shows up in the American Diary of Clinical Nutrition’s January issue.

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